Welcome to Hrafnarfjall, the old Norse themed unrecognised nation of Minnesota! Hrafnarfjall is a sovereign country, sometimes called an Unrecognised Nation, which is working towards gaining recognition under the Montevideo Conventions and independence from Macronational entities.

The Kingdom’s goals are self-sustainability and independence. It is working towards a sustainable, productive homestead farm and businesses which provide sufficient income to maintain independence. This includes a Meadery, Cidery, Brewery and a mead hall open to the public, supported by an on-site orchard and farm; running classes and group tours; sales of surplus honey, crops, eggs, mead, beer, cider and crafts at farmer’s markets and online; supplementing with hunting and fishing, and using organic and sustainable methods where appropriate.  A rabbitry will be on site to provide wool for crafts as well as clothing, an on-site apiary will provide honey and beeswax for mead and crafts, and chickens will provide meat and eggs.  Sustainable methods will include Permaculture techniques and include horse-drawn ploughs, solar, hydro and wind power.

Hrafnarfjall has an Old Norse theme, as its leaders are historical re-enactors with an interest in the Old Norse periods.  Hrafnarfjall will therefore keep to that ideal as much as practical. The Future Nation of Hrafnarfjall is, following the Old Norse theme, designed as an absolute monarchy. Its founders and leaders are Konungur Tom Bainbridge and Drottning Laura Johnson. Hrafnarfjall’s values (non-negotiable) are intolerance of intolerance, acceptance, strength, and self-sufficiency.  Its Citizens will be eligible to attend an old-style meeting called the Thing. We hope to welcome you among them as we work to make Hrafnarfjall a reality in 2019!