Reigning Monarchs

The Current Reigning Monarchs of the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall are King Thomas I and Queen Laura I.

King Thomas ruled over the precursor nations to Hrafnarfjall, gaining extensive experience in leadership and the Micronational community before taking the mantle of King in 2016.  
King Thomas possesses crafting skills as owner of Black Wolf Trading Company, producing leather and woodwork goods. He also has a qualification in creative media production (interactive media), including website design and promotion. He is producer and editor for Hrafnarfjall Hearthside, an ongoing educational and short story service which are written by Queen Laura.

Queen Laura possesses a degree in Horticulture with a Permaculture Design Certificate granted through Oregon State University, and comes from generations of farmers. She raised chickens and rabbits for 4-H on her grandparent’s farm in Ohio. She writes short stories, including re-working the Norse Myths for Kids, which are published on the Facebook Page Hrafnarfjall Hearthside.  She has lived in Minnesota since 2015, and is transitioning from Active Duty Coast Guard to Coast Guard Reserve in 2019 for Hrafnarfjall.