The State of the Micronational Community

An Address and A Statement OR On Giving Your Enemies Ammunition

Let me make one thing very clear. Hrafnarfjall distances itself officially, publicly, and irrevocably from the Micronational community. To address why, I will need to explain a few of the concepts Hrafnarfjall holds dear. We aim to be an autonomous region, self-governing, self-sufficient, and fully recognized as such by all currently autonomous self-governing regions. Within the community, it is evident that there is a split between those who sincerely wish to form a truly respected community with rights under current administrations by law, as does Hrafnarfjall, and those who have joined for other reasons.

These reasons quite simply do not align with Hrafnarfjall’s aims. They are, in fact, detrimental to the reputation of Micronations as a whole and detrimental to the aim of every Micronation out there who desires to be respected and acknowledged. The current view of Micronations, if Micronations are known at all, is that they’re some sort of game. Micronations are viewed as a joke at worst, and a hobby at best.

Right now, that view is absolutely valid, and held as the opinion of many with good reason.  Micronations have been acknowledged by groups and organizations purporting to support the image of Micronationalism which have basis in fiction and surrealism, some with inanimate objects purported to be citizens. This undoes every effort put forth by every Micronation out there who hope to be taken seriously, let alone respected or even acknowledged. Further, many of the Micronational associations existing are nothing more than a forum for drama, bullying and self-aggrandizement. The behavior of many of the so-called rulers of these Micronations is a disgrace, and not befitting a child let alone a ruler. 

Hrafnarfjall cannot support, endorse, nor in any way affiliate ourselves with such entities, Micronation or organization. If the community cannot take themselves seriously, no member of the community will ever be taken seriously. This is a problem which all aspiring Micronations must face together; we have a daunting task ahead of us, a path which has been tread by others before us who would be ashamed of what we have become. They have not met with success though they did not bear the burden we have added to ourselves through our sullied reputation.

Now, there must be some changes made amongst ourselves if we are to have any hope at all of achieving respect. I, the Queen of Hrafnarfjall, personally suggest those with serious aspirations reject the title of ‘Micronation’ completely. The taint is too strong; throw it out altogether. I would next suggest to you all that if you run a Micronational forum, be it a group or organization, and you hold aspirations like unto ours at Hrafnarfjall, you guard well those who you associate with. I charge you all with upholding the reputation of every aspiring autonomous region. After all, giving one’s enemies ammunition is never a wise idea.

Queen Laura Bainbridge of Hrafnarfjall, Empress North Sea Empire

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